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Exhibition 1993-2010
Her Presence In Colours X- Vietnam 2012
Her Presence In Colours XI- Mongolia 2014
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Conservatory of Fine Arts
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Conservatory of Fine Arts/ INWAC
Lot  8-G -4, Sunny Point Complex, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11700 Penang, Malaysia Tel: 604-5375388,  
(INWAC's Secretariat office)



Since 1993---


The original initiator and organizer of
Her Presence In Colours-

Asian/International Women Artists Exhibition series  
since 1993

International Women Artists Council (INWAC)

started since 1999...

Her Presence In Colours I -7 Asian Women Artists Exhibition  1993 held  at Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, in July 1993 was the First Asian Women Artists Exhibition

Successful Exhibition in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia !

Her Presence In Colours XI- International Women Artists Exhibition- Mongolia 2014
Date: 19-26 July, 2014

Venue: Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery



Her Presence In Colors XI – International Women Artists Exhibition-Mongolia 2014 was successfully held at Mongolian Modern Art Museum, Ulaanbaatar.  This exhibition presents the artworks created by 125 women artists from 20 different countries with various cultural traditions and customs. The theme of the exhibition cum art seminar:  “Expression of Love in Women’s Art” reflects the common vision and mission of the women artists and their aspiration for better tomorrow and better world.


The aim of  Her Presence in Colors Exhibition series is to provide a platform for women artists of various nationalities with different cultural backgrounds to exhibit and to share their insights about art, life and aesthetics. This exhibition justifies a successful collaboration between International Women Artists Council (INWAC), Conservatory of Fine Arts, INWAA- Mongolia and Meridian Art Association Mongolia is under the auspicious of the President of Mongolia and supported by Mongolian Modern Art Gallery and Genco Tour Bureau.


The opening ceremony was held on the
21 July, 2014 at 4 pm.

The opening event included a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by H. E. Ts.Oyungerel, Minister of Culture, Sports  & Tourism (center) , MR. Puntsag Tsagaan Chief of Staff of the President of Mongolia ( 2nd from left), Batbaatar Namsraijav , Director of Mongolia National Art Gallery (right) and Dr. Yuen Chee Ling, President of International Women Artists Council -INWAC (2nd from right)

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Her Presence In Colours XI- Mongolia 2014


Coming Exhibition in Taiwan!

International Women Artists Exhibition

Her Presence In Colours XII - Taiwan 2016

Women art for a better quality of human life


A number of 150 women artists of different nationality and culture
will exhibit their artworks together


Kaohsiung Cultural Center

For more information
Click here to go Taiwan Show 2016



From 1-7 July, 2016

International organizer

International Women Artists Council (INWAC)


International Advisor
 Dr. Yuen Chee Ling
Founder and President of INWAC
cum Director of Conservatory of Fine Arts


Local co-organizers:

International Women Artists-Taiwan (INWAA-Taiwan)
Kaohsiung Cultural Center