Carole Hagin

Waiting to be Whole
Acrylic/ collage on panel
20in x 36in 2008

Throughout my life, I have used Art as a language to express things that I feel but may not speak about to others. Art comes to me intuitively and is rarely planned. Use of color tells of the intensity, lyrical or real shapes and rhythms of the subject; usually figurative and related to women, birth, health, memories, family and political issues affecting the feminine gender. I often use collage or construction in my work in oil or acrylic.
Most of my artistic communication is fed by the experience of being a young wife in the mid `50s, the birth & rearing of seven children, working as a midwife and health educator for over 30 years. After these productive & satisfying years of mothering, art, science education & teaching, I am now in a new phase, that of a mid 70¨s retiree who has gathered much to speak about from her life experiences. Each phase of my life presents an interesting, exciting ideas to inspire my painting.