Chen Luo Jia

Peace of Mind
water colour

1948 born in Chongqing City, China
Graduated Bachelor of Arts at Southwest China Normal University (1982), completed postgraduate study at .Central Academy of Fine Arts( 1985). Researcher of aesthetics at Philosophy Institute of Academy of Social Sciences, P.R. China (1995-1996).Currently served as
Professor , Department of Architecture and Art Design Northern Jiaotong University ,Beijing. Recipient of  2nd prize, the Best Textbooks, Ministry of Railway, China, 2000; 2nd prize, Achievement in Humanistic and Social Science, Ministry of Education, China, 1995 and  3rd prize, painting competition of university lecturers in Sichuan province, 1994. Held 3 successful solo exhibitions: CHEN luojia Watercolor Exhibition Penang ,Malaysia, January 2006, Watercolor Exhibition,at Paris, France September 2008 and Landscape and Flowers Watercolor Exhibition at Beijing, China February 2009.Participated in many gourp exhibitions in China and abroad including
Her Presence in Colors  C International Women Artists Exhibition held in Australia, Korea, and Beijing China, Beijing-Xingjiang Watercolor Exhibition, New Artists of China Exhibition, April 2007, Bernheim Gallery, 301 York St. Art and Cultural Center of Asia, Louisville, Kentucky USA 2007 and .Beijing Female Artists Biennale, 2006.2006