Dang Thi Duong

With My Beloved Animals
Oil on canvas
36inches x 36inches

- Born in 1948, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
- MFA, Member of VN & HCMC Fine Arts Associations
- Lecturer of HCMC Fine Arts University.
- Group exhibitions at the two Fine Arts Universities in Hanoi & HCM cities.
- Attended a two-persons painting exhibition in Paris in 1996.
- Group exhibitions in Hongkong 1994, Pusan Korea 1997, Singapore 2000, Berlin 2000, Boulogne France 2003, Thailand 2004, Pachai University in Korea, Thailand 2007
- International painting Exhibitions by women artists in Korea, 2006 and China, 2008.
- 2nd prize at the National Exhibition of posters & Graphic Arts, Hanoi, 1984.
- Fine Arts prize from the VN Fine Arts Association in 1996.
- Poster prize from HCM Culture & Information Sevice 1998.
- Having paintings collected by galleries in Paris and Hongkong, and private collectioners in USA, Korea, Japan.