Hertha Miessner

Masaccio Momi

Hertha Miessner is born in Marquartstein, Germany. Studied painting, Lithography and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich (1990-96), graduated as Master of Fine Art Degree and works as a professional artist in Munich. She was President of Art Associations, teaches art classes at ^School of Phantasm ̄, is Curator and board member of artists Associations BBK and German Women Art Association Gedok. Recipient of top price Dannerstiftung (1994), Kardinal Wetter Förderpreis (1992), Scholarships (1993, 1998) for stone printing, Atelier and Catalogue Promotion (2000, 2003) from Cultural Department Munich. Since 1995 she held 20 solo exhibitions in Galleries, Art Associations and Foundations and participated in numerous group shows and art projects in Germany and international, such as Los Angeles, USA, Goteborg, Sweden, Beijing, China, Bariloche, Argentina, and Bratislava, Slovakia.
Hertha Miessner focuses in her works the different layers of transparency and the simultaneous use of form to look at the inside and outside. She is developing in both of a painting and computer aided process a transformation in her work. As a result of the linked process of painting with New Media, her art pieces name the contrast between reality and virtuality in her very own way