Hsu Chui-Hwa

The Phantom of Portrait  
Oil Painting

1965 -Born in Kinmen county of Fujian Province.Taiwan
She has taught fine art in two schools since 1988.
She had exhibited in several galleries, Her works depict surrealistic
Individual and Joint Art Exhibition in Domestic and Foreign many times.
Coordinated Joint and International Art Exhibition
Currently serves as art teacher.
Her works focus in microscopic image and multi-colors abstraction
Artistic creation is similar to a documentary of life, which reflects the scenery, thought and emotion, and the color. The artist employs a paint brush to testify the glory of history through visual expression of the inner self, liberation of thoughts, and passion in life.... Either a stroke of impression, or expression, the joy and sorrow among lines emerge elegantly, yet casually... Unveiling mystic layers, messages among colors and images are represented in the front of people.