Self Portrait
Chinese Ink


June Yap-Yudan is a successful entrepreneur, a Chinese Ink Painting Artist, a Photographer, a Writer, and a Floral Arrangement Artist. She has exhibited in 37 international events and 37 local exhibitions, 7 of which were held for charity.

(2009) Held her first Solo Charity Floral Arrangement Exhibition.

(2008) Held her first Solo Photograghy Exhibition. She published her first book, ^The Third Eye ̄ C 60 days in South America. She was the President of the 4th New Expression of Asian Art (NEAA) 2008 represented Malaysia in Henan, China.

(2006-2008) Ventured in 4 wheel drive expeditions and has driven 62,000 km around the world.

(2006) Organized the 3rd Exhibition of NEAA in 2006 and invited 13 countries to Joint Painting Exhibition.

(1998 C 2007) Acted as Chief Planner of Chinese Ink Painting Society Malaysia.

(1992 C 1997) Won numerous awards in floral arrangement & international ballroom dance competition. In 1999, she obtained Trainer¨s Certificate from International Floral Design School.