Kim Sook-Jung

The Ancient Trip - Jar of Moon
Acrylic on canvas
72.7cm x 50cm

In my college and graduate school days, I, centering around the subject of , drew "people" who lost their way in rapidly-changing modern society wandering from place to place to look for themselves and worrying so much about existence of the human being. As objet, I mostly drew people, simple and timid, who are not willing to face directly the reality in the three dimensional space mostly using the things having the feeling of cloth of blue jeans, cloth of canvas, clay and cement.
But, as I study in France after graduating from a graduate school, I, on the basis of existence philosophy, began to seek for things not the human being. I began to have an interest in the materials of "tradition" in search of the footprints of ancestors instead of a human being wondering in modern society, and especially tried to paint the things or clothes which shows the life of women in ancient times on canvas, a case, old Korean paper, old books and cloth(silk-kaeki, ramie fabric---) working hard to give I works a three-dimensional effect.
Today, when not only the past and the present time but also the orient and the western are mixed, I started on a journey to the old times as a course to seek for our identity not some fashion or idea, and will continue my journey in the future.