Lena Kelekian

Portraits of Lena Kelekian
Ceramics, Baked, Glazed and In Cut Mosaic Forms
80cm x 80cm

Lady Lena Kelekian, born in Beirut, Lebanon is an internationally renowned artist and a university professor; she is specialized in painting and restoration of icons & frescoes and abstract paintings. Also a geologist she is a natural pigment expert and an environmental designer for embellishing cities with monuments, tunnels, roundabout & waterfronts with benches in cut ceramics.

Has achieved 10 gold medals, many distinctions and award, her works are inpermanent display in 9 museums in USA, Europe and Asia. Since 1992 Lena & her sister Hilda had 165 collective exhibitions, in Museums, Biennales & Salons in 24 countries and 12 solo exhibitions.

Owner of the Kelekian Art Gallery, she is the curator of international exhibitions like the IESFA. Also involved in organizing workshops for Art Therapy as the representative of Femme Art Mediteranne Lebanon (aegis UNESCO). She is the president of MEADOWS & Accademia Greci Marino for promoting art & culture.