Maria Esmont

Self Portrait in the Country
60cm x 60cm 2007

Graduated from the Moscow Academy of Printing, Art Department.
Worked as a designer and illustrator of books, magazines and advertising pictures. For many years she worked in NOVOSTI Press Agency in the Department of South-East Asia. Three times she was a main artist-designer of Soviet pavilions at International Fair "Tat Luang", Laos.
Took active part in art exhibitions. In 1989 she became a founder and
president of "IRIDA" Women Artists Association uniting 100 Russian women artists engaged in all spheres of fine art. She was an organizer of many
exhibitions of Russian women artists in USA, Germany, France, Belgium, Egypt, England, Austria and Italy.
She was awarded a title of Public Benefactor of Arts of Moscow. Solo exhibitions were staged in France, Sri Lanka, Estonia and several exhibitions in Moscow. Her works are found in museums, galleries and private collections in France, Italy, USA and other countries.
As a graphic artist, Maria likes tempera, pastel and pen-ink.
Her works express the deepest emotions of surrounding world. In her creations she strives to transmit her mood and synthetic image of the
seen. The theme ^self-portrait" forces her to look inside her own soul.