Mi Dongying

White Lotus- Self Portrait
Chinese handmade paper & Chinese ink
cm x 67cm 2009

MI Dong Ying ( Ph.D in Art ), she is a Chinese artist living in Japan. She has deeply learnt the technique of Chinese style painting and the history of Chinese art since she was young. And she studied in a Japanese university to get a doctoral degree in art ten years ago, and she learnt the ideas of modern art in Japan. Now she is teaching in a Japanese university, working on her artwork. She is attracted to the beauty of the Japanese traditional arts, and she is seeking her original art style, looking to create a style of art with the feeling of poet.Web site: http://tontonmi.jp/

I am a lonely but happy traveler.
I move my painting brush as I whistle.
I scatter multi-colored poetic minds on the paper.
I leave some space for my changing the air.
I hope to recite some poems with my special friends.
Ink lines remain on the paper.
Happiness is branded on my mind.