Natalia Bazhenova

My World: Day and Night
Oil on canvas
80cm x 90 cm 2009

Graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University, Art Department. During 20 years she is engaged in fine art. She prefers to work with oil and watercolors. Her favorite themes are genre pictures and portraits.
Natalia enthusiastically participates in art exhibitions, meetings of artists together with poets and musicians. She founded creative groups - "Sphynx" and "Aquarius", realized several creative projects like "Conception of the World", "Portrait Therapy", "Carnival of Life" and others.
Natalia organized many exhibitions of Russian art in different countries of the world. She is interested in new art forms: installations, natural art and others.
She looks at art as a reliable bridge between countries that helps peoples to understand each other because the language of Art does not need translation. On the other hand the joint projects are directed at creation and high spiritual development.