Self Portrait
Acrylic on canvas

Nurlisa was born in Copenhagen Denmark in 1945. She has lived in both Australia and Aceh and Penang for the past 18 years, living and working as an artist. Nurlisa spends much of her time in a remote village in Aceh where she has tigers visiting her jungle backyard and army and police are regular guests, intrigued by this eccentric Western woman who paints. Her medium of choice has traditionally been water colour and recently she has embraced the use of acrylic on canvas. Her focus has been on the transition of light in everyday life often juxtaposed with decay exhaltation of the unexpected and unappreciated. She has been a champion of the preservation of historical buildings in Penang, Malaysia. More recently her work has evolved to incorporate the juxtaposition of colour in unexpected scenes.
She has exhibited internationally as well as having a documentary produced by Indonesian National Television about her life and work.
2001 Sunshine Coast Artist Exhibiton
2002 Penang Solo Exhibition
2004 International Womens exhibition Kuala Lumpur
2004 Cairns Regional Gallery exhibition
2005 Cairns Regional Gallery exhibition C awarded best telecommunications painting
2006 International Womens exhibition Melbourne
2006 Cairns Regional Gallery exhibition
2007 Cairns Regional Gallery exhibition
2008 International Womens exhibition South Korea
2008 Cairns Regional Gallery exhibition