Panni Poh Yoke Loh

Dance of the Masks
Oil Painting
40cm x 50cm 2009

Born in London to her White English mother and Malaysian Chinese father from age seven, during her 11 year art school scholarship, she began articulating her duality within the majority white English host culture. To further understand and reciprocate in society she qualified in Social Work and an Applied Social Studies B.A. Following her BSc in Textile Design her work developed to incorporate human relationship with the natural world. She attained an M.A. in Art as Environment and went on to follow a doctorate programme at Manchester Metropoiltan University.
Her heuristic research has led her to an indwelling of how her experience and identity have impacted upon her art practice. Her publications and paintings on the authentic self recognize the experience of the self as a political history.
She has been chair of INWAA-UK and an INWAC member and exhibiting internationally since 1999 winning various art and leadership awards.