Sabina Zeba Haque

Indian Madonna & Child
Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas
56cm X 76cm 2009

Sabina Zeba Haque is an artist of South Asian descent C raised in Pakistan by an American mother and a Pakistani father. Using the medium of painting, collage, and photography, Haque synthesizes her complex relationship to her diverse Christian and Muslim heritage. By reconstructing popular icons, she examines issues of race, geopolitics, gender and sexuality across cultural boundaries to create transcultural myths.
In 2006, Sabina Zeba Haque joined the full time Studio Art Department at Portland State University as the James DePriest Scholar in Ethnic Art. Haque received her MFA in Painting from Boston University and a BA in Art and education from Smith College. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows at Avampato Museum of Art, WV, Bowery Gallery in NYC, Boston Contemporary Art Center, and Los Angeles Arts and Cultural Center.