Shatarsaikhan Biziya

Oil on canvas
 x 80cm 2007

B.Shatarsaikhan graduated Fine Arts Institute in Mongolia 1993. From 1998 to 2003 year she has worked as a Director of exhibition hall of Union Mongolian Artists (UMA). In 2004 she proceeded master degree at Mongolian Education University.
Since 1992 she has been started to paint her works and has jointed in national and international exhibitions such as in Germany, China, USA and Malaysia. In 2008 she had solo exhibition in Ulaanbaatar. Her paintings saved in Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery and also were private collected in Korea, Russia, USA, Germany and England.
She is one of the very talented artists enriching the art treasury of Modern graphic art in Mongolia. Her graphic works usually describes Mongolian women and tells about their ordinary life, how it is going by natural cycle. But her paintings show intellectual expresses by unusual combination of high-colored composition with playing hues. She has a simple, but specific own style.