Shirley MacGregor

Fabrics and Stitching
28w x 33h 2004

I create fiber art because I truly enjoy working with fabrics and color. The textures and colors captivate me, especially if I can change the way they look and feel. I keep challenging myself to explore more and to go beyond what I have done in the past. My hope is that my work truly captures the attention of the observer, and that he or she appreciates and enjoys my interpretations, and takes away something to ponder.
I base my work on photographs I take of a variety of items I observe in nature or the environment, either at home or while traveling. Developing the ideas from these pictures is a fascinating part of the process. I often use my computer to make patterns or images, then interpret or transfer them to a fabric medium.
I enjoy finding unusual media to apply to my projects, whether it be fabric, paint, dyes, or items from nature, such as dried leaves. I am currently exploring the use of recycled materials, especially plastics, that are found in everyday use. I am also expanding on some designs from previous works, and exploring the their possibilities.