Susan Cowan

Within Without You
Acrylic on paper
29 ̄ x 21 ̄ 

Susan Cowan has been a professional artist since the late 70's and has been an adjunct faculty member of Clark College in Vancouver, WA since 1986 teaching watercolor and mixed media for their Mature Learning Department. Her work has won many awards over the years and has earned her signature status in both the Northwest Watercolor Society and the Red River Watercolor Society. She splits her time between her home in Portland, OR, and her studio in Tacoma, WA. In 1995 she began co-leading Art with Lee Baughman, creating Watercolor and Aqueous-media Workshops for artists and art lovers.
Now in her 50's, Susan loves the influence travel has had on her spirit and work. She finds balance between painting and teaching in sharing what she learns and loves with others interested in delving deeper into the mysteries of paint and creativity.