Svetlana Nekrasova

Oil on canvas
90cm x 70cm 2009

Born in 1932 in Tambov, Russia. Graduated from the Textile Academy, Department of Art, Moscow. 1957-1995 - member of Avantgard School "New Reality" (Art leader - Eliy Beliutin). From 1995 - organizer and founder of the creative group "Avantgard Abstraction". Her works were displayed
at a large exhibition "Russian Abstraction, 20th Cntury" in Russian Museum in St.Petersburg.
Worked as an artist designer at the Silk Factory in Moscow That work
enriched her knowledge of means and technique (plasticity of material, rhythm, shape and color). This experience brought her to abstraction that forms the amount of an artwork in more expressive way than academic rules do. Abstraction helps her to avoid pressure of genre on the image. It allows the unvisible to be seen through the visible.
Svetlana`s art works are found in collections of Russian Museum, St.Petersburg, State Art Gallery, Kaliningrad, Hungarian National Art Museum, Budapest, National museums of Cyprus, Latvia, Luxembur, Holland.