W.Caroline Keyn

Oil on canvas

Born at Sanspareil/ Franken/Germany
1963-1965 studies Art at " Fachhochschule fr Gestaltung ", Augsburg / Germany
                (Student of Professor Heinz Butz)
1965-1966  studies Sculpture at " Werklehrerseminar Muenchen-Bogenhausen ", Germany
1966-1967  studies Psychology and Education at " Don Bosco Institut", Augsburg
1967-1996  works as Art- and Sculpture Teacher for Secondary Schools at Augsburg
                 and as a free Artist
1974          starts many exhibitions with her own works in Germany
1985-1993  Co Founds and is President of "Kunstkreis Aichach e.V. /Germany
1991          Member of " Berufsverband der Bildenden Kuenstler Schwabens /Germany
1997          moves to Italy
1998-2009  Exhibitions with her works in Italy, Germany, Switzerland,France
2007          Exhibiton with her works at " ZeZhong Gallery, Beijing / People`s Rep.of China
2008          Participation in the invited International Women Artists Exhibition at the
                 National Art Museum of China, Beijing ( represent Italy)
2009          Participation in the invited Exhibition of Art International Penang2009,
                 Town Hall, Penang / Malaysia