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About us

Located in the birth place of Malaysian  art, Conservatory of Fine Arts, Penang, established sicne 1987,  is a unique institution, dedicated to educating artists and focused on fostering creative investigation, risk-taking, and individual vision. We do this by emphasizing studio practice and by offering students an unusual amount of freedom in their coursework.

 We offer certificate, continuing education programs. We coordinate with Asia Regional Joint Campus Program of Europe-Asia Institute- Xiao En Cultural Endowment for programs leading to the Diploma, 5th Year Certificate, and the Master of Fine Art (MFA)


Art Activities

 For the past  19 years, CFA has been the most active art school in Penang. It was the orgnizer/ initiator for more than 100 art and cultural activities including art exhibitions, forums and art workshops in Penang as well as in foreign countries including China, and United Kingdom. Many outstanding artists of the younger generation artists in Penang have received art training courses at CFA. Many of CFA art students had continued their art studies in local universities and abroad.

We welcome visitors to our art school and our many exhibitions. Questions? Please contact us.



Drawing Class



Art and Design Foundation Studies

Drawing I/II

Painting I/II

Art History and Appreciation,

Art theory

Visual Perception

Visual Communication/

Colour Theory

Basic Design

Fine Art

Problems in Painting I- Traditional Art

Figure Drawing

Illustration techniques

Art workshop (Oil Painting, Batik painting, Acrylic painting / water colour techniques )

Studio Art

Graphic Design

Graphic Design I/II
 Editorial Design and Illustration
Computer Graphic
Graphic Design workshop

Art Seminar- Art Promotion and Marketing, advertising art, Photography,   Digital Imaging )


Web Design

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
 Web Site Design Aid Tools
Advanced Topic in Web Design
Scripting (Advanced)
Web Site Programming
Setting up Wide Area Network Web Server
Database Oriented Web Design (Advanced)

Advanced Web Design
Database Analysis & Design (Advanced)
E-Commerce Web Site (Advanced)
Other Server Related Topic ( FTP/ MAIL SERVER / DAEMON)

Art Workshop

Oil Painting

Batik Class

Conservatory of Fine Art
Lot 8-G-4 & Lot 8-G-12, Sunny Point Complex, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11700 Penang. Tel: 604-6590248 , Fax: 604-5398606 , H/P 0125726116
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